sophia tweed ahmad

b. 1996 Wapato Valley


rivers call me home

roots transplanted over-time,
names slowly shift to fit in the mouth of english,
remember us,
sophia tvedt sanori,
great granddaughter of stargazers & landtenders,
remember our prayers in song,
remember the curves in the land of five rivers,
the northern way,   
hot afternoons,
chai, chai & more chai,
piano fingers,
dewy mist from the sea,
peace be upon you.

I am the daughter of magicians.
cardamom & coriander paint our spells,
rose parents of nourishment,
webbed in the vast bodyscape bridging time and memories,
we are sophia tvedt sanori.


an experimental dancer and songwriter. a queer child of pakistani and norwegian diasporas. her score-based choreography bleeds improvisation and raw reverberations in the body harnessing voice prayer.  their choreography has been presented by Ten Tiny Dances, Performance Works NW,  Revolve Gallery & New Expressive Works.

creating scores+soundscapes+drawings enhance her movement creation process. collective care & diverse dance cultures are central to their dance research. find them at capoeira rodas, contact jams, filming site-specific dances and working with multi-cultural youth. children are a large source of inspiration & embody the wisdom of some of her greatest teachers.

she has learned from lineages of contemporary improvisation, release technique, contact improvisation, capoeira & flying-low. she is currently receiving her masters at Area Dansa in contemporary dance & creation (2022-2023).