our dance carries unspoken words


drawings and words by sophia tweed ahmad

dive in with me

a sticky summers eve

enmeshed soles

an overdue dance co-created at a contact improvisation jam

{This sketch imprints a conversation that desperately desired to anchor between mouths and carve tongues. But, like the surprise that is life, the conversation did not transpire by voice, but in a room full of strangers and some familiar faces at a contact jam}

sweet bitterness of an honest unfolding

sweat whispers mahogany shadows

our dance carries unspoken words

twirls them into gravity

our hot skin

pores hum



reverberating portals

your eyes take their time to meet my blurry weight

i push and listen to your cry of momentum

  trusting collarbones

singing confidence

a smile billows between sharp cheeks

tears run towards me 

drops guiding expectations and tethered paths, riding each wake as our bodies spiral

our soles untangle

our friendship dissolves

had already dissolved

dissolving together

unwinding and letting it all out

unthawing and reshaping

Listening, listening, listening