your dance carries Unspoken words


drawings and wrods by sophia tweed ahmad

I invite you to think about a conversation that you long to co-create.

what are the emotions you wish to share with this being?

what is it that you're looking for them to say in return?

now imagine this communication is facilitated by your body, not your words.

what part of your body feels most drawn to communicate your unheard needs and thoughts?

allow movement to generate from this space in your body inviting echoes to fill your senses..

what do you smell?

can you sense heat in your bones?

are you holding onto your tongue?

onto the pain or love?

into the fullness?

sigh with your contractions and explosions

speak what needs to be spoken

your body holds this ghostly conversation so tenderly

imagine your body language is communicating with this person – it is being absorbed by the water that flows with the earth


long for release




let the earthquake of unspoken words sow care


it is no longer solely being held within – it is no longer just yours to carry

close your eyes and let the water underneath you guide your message to where it is needed

we hear you and we hold you

We hear you

We hold you

We hear us

We hold us