sophia tweed ahmad 

dance  x  poetry  x  live music

      June 2022

Experiments in Sleepflight


Experiments in Sleepflight is an interdisciplinary collaborative performance, a convergance of
poetry by Carolyn Supinka, Dance by sophia tweed ahmad and music by Machado Mijiga.
Produced by Performance Works NW x Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble x Buckmxn Journal in the series: CROSSINGS.

Presented in Portland, OR at Performance Works NW,
June 10-12, 2022.


“Flight 1. 
 You wake from
 a dream
 of comfort, mothers.

 Your body a quilt against the  elements.

 Children sleep under you. Once  there was a field and  everywhere your shadow.”

- Excerpt of Poem
Experiments in Sleepflight
by Carolyn Supinka

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