sophia tweed ahmad

movement & vocals




Inseparables is an interdisciplinary solo performance expressed through the body & voice. This creation is rooted in dialogue with receiving knowledge through dreaming, contemplating her lineage of diasporic movement from pakistan & ushering a resurgence of self-identification. Ritualized through a personal mantra, the voice bathes the public with the intent of catharsis & communion.

Choreoscope Festival, 2023
Mireia Pellicer

This work was developed under the artistic mentorship of Ona Mestre and Olga Alvarez during the Post-gratudate program of Contemporary Dance and Creation at Area Dansa in Barcelona, ES. 

Inseparables, has been presented by Stripart Festival 2023, Choreoscope: Barcelona Dance Film Festival 2023 and as an upcoming exhibition and performance with La Pesta 2024.

nunArt Guinardo, 2023


La Pesta Inaugural Performance 
Espai Jove Boca Nord

March 2024

In 25 minutes she creates an ambiatic dreamscape ushering in her movement and sound rituals.

Area Dansa, May 2023

 “Té sana
  Té limpia
  Té ayuda
  Té da energia
  Té mezcla
  Té rescata
  Té cambia
  Té necesito

  Té quiero”

- sophia tweed ahmad

This poem accompanies the work as a tribute to the vessels that live within her work. 

The vessels that live in this work.

Dive deeper into Sophia’s creation process:

“Initially I was interested in creating a group piece. But I didn’t feel resourced to have an open call and as I had just moved to Barcelona, and everyone at my dance school was very busy focusing on their work and classes.

Then I thought, it can be a duet! I began to work with a dancer, investigating and creating a duet.

During winter break, I had time to reflect on the material and how I wanted to use my voice, I decided I needed to rehearse alone.

As I began to rehearse alone, my voice began to take up space and I realized, that at this point it was a solo, one that I would push me to go deeper into myself and not hide. Deciding to make it a solo was a scary decision but it felt right.

In the future I would like to create another piece based off of this work as an ensemble.”

- sophia tweed ahmad
   may 2023

[Critics have yet to comment on this work]


In October 2023, she began her residency at the Ateneu de Fabricació de Gràcia, where she laser cut this stamp in Urdu. The phrase represents a written record of the mantra she sings and grieves throughout the performance. 

During her residency at @afabgracia, she collaborated with the Palestinian Designer, Laila Nabulsi to create a costume for Inseparables. The costume was used for her lastest performance at Choreoscope 2023. 

Choreoscope Festival, 2023
Mireia Pellicer

Choreoscope Festival, 2023
Mireia Pellicer

Sophia is now developing this work into an exhibition which she was invited to take part in by the Curator, Susana Alos, for the Exhibition La Pesta opening in March of 2024. She is continuing to rehearse and refine this work as she will be inagurating the exhibition with her performance, Inseparables, on March 7, 2024.

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